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ben.mitchell's blog

Good to be home

After enjoying the holidays back in the US, we are happy to be back in Kitale. It is always refreshing returning to a place as welcoming as Kitale. We were repeatedly told “we thought you weren’t coming back” and "we are so glad you decided to come back".  Despite people’s skepticism about our return, they were thrilled to have us back and were anxious to hear about our time in the US. We were hoping to have our tube materials arrive shortly after our return but have ran into a hold up with our business registration.

Kitale ...

With over six months in Kitale, we have a better understanding of the town, community and why it is the perfect place to launch Baisikeli Ugunduzi.

The size of Kitale is perfect for launching a new business and sales of a revolutionary new product. A relatively small town, it is easy to connect with our customers and I believe nearly all of them in the community know about us and our mission. This has created a great sense of pride and excitement among local cyclists.

Why we are here ...

Two days ago, we met with a group of cyclists known as Eldorift for Peace. Their group organizes races and other events to promote peace and understanding. Having met Mike, the group's initiator, they became aware of what Baisikeli Ugunduzi is doing and were eager to hear more. On  Wednesday, six of their members rode the 80km to Kitale to meet with us, learn more about Baisikeli Ugunduzi and ride on milele tubes.


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