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Making progress ...

Things are moving along quite well as we have nearly ten people testing our tubes, identified our first mechanic, and are working out the final details of distributing milele tubes through our partners - the TBB Sacco. While it has not gone without the expected and anticipated delays, we are happy with the progress and even happier with reports from the test riders. We have several riders who are testing the tubes to carry up to 200kg of maize, charcoal, wood, and potatoes. All reports from this group have been extremely positive and several of them have been able to save 100 KES increasing their daily earnings from 200 KES to 300 KES. This is quite an impact. There are a number of boda boda riding testing milele tubes on both the front and rear wheels around town. These riders ferry both people and goods around town for about 20 KES (roughly $.25). Reports have been very good and we are workign to make the tubes lighter as weight becomes an issue after biking nearly 100km a day. Finally, we have several commuters testing some softer milel tubes with great results. They are very happy with the tubes and benefit greatly from the time and money saved from not experiencing flat tires.

Below, John discusses the milele tube and gets some feedback from one of our test riders - Peter

John getting some feedback from one of our test riders