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Test riders - Boda Boda

The most colorful and noticeable group of riders in Western Kenya, boda boda (bicycle taxis), are found hanging out on street corners waiting to carry passengers or goods to their destination. Boda boda drivers are generally young men who cannot find other work. They either own or rent a bicycle for the day and earn roughly $.25 per passenger they carry. On a good day, they will carry up to ten people resulting in a day’s earnings of a little over two dollars. Keep in mind that their lunch and any bicycle repairs (tube patches) are deducted from that $2.50. A boda boda often earns $2 or less at the end of the day leaving them in a perpetuating struggle to keep their family fed. While there are many exceptions, most boda boda have not had the opportunity to attend secondary school and speak little English. As result, the larger population seems to have little respect for boda boda drivers and can be quite discriminating. However, boda boda are some of the hardest working people in the world and are largely responsible for transportation and supporting the economies of Western Kenya. We are very happy to be working with and for this group of dedicated people who depend so heavily on bicycles.