Our friend Owen prepares for a bike trip accross Kenya

Last week, Jackie and I went to visit a friend’s school. His name is Owen, a small man in his sixties with a long white beard who is infatuated with snakes and reptiles. We heard of Owen as he is preparing for a bicycle trip from Kitale to Mombasa (a journey of 850 km) to raise money for an expansion at his school. While we were intrigued, we had little idea how influential Owen has been in one of the poorer communities of Kitale. Owen began a small school in the slums (mostly refugees fleeing the Sudans and northern Kenya) a number of years ago with his own financing. With everyone telling him it wouldn’t work, the school is now thriving and offers a local primary education for those who would otherwise not have any. Baisikeli Ugunuduzi is excited to help sponsor Owen’s ride across the country with some milele tubes. Stay tuned for more info on his impressive fundraising trip.