Why we are here ...

Two days ago, we met with a group of cyclists known as Eldorift for Peace. Their group organizes races and other events to promote peace and understanding. Having met Mike, the group's initiator, they became aware of what Baisikeli Ugunduzi is doing and were eager to hear more. On  Wednesday, six of their members rode the 80km to Kitale to meet with us, learn more about Baisikeli Ugunduzi and ride on milele tubes.

They were ecstatic about the milele tubes and wish they had some for their ride as two of them got flats on the way! We sat down and talked for over two hours before they presented Baisikeli Ugunduzi a "Great Discovery" award for the milele tubes. They can't wait  for the tubes to reach the market in Eldoret and wanted to help spread teh word in any way possible.

Thinking back on the meeting, it truly is exciting for our customers to present us an award before having ever even used our product because they are that excited about how it will impact bikes here in Kenya! It is days like this that remind us why we are here and the impact that awaits with the launch of milele tube sales.

A special thanks to the eldorift guys for your support and making the trip to visit us despite the rain!