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The Stanley and Wayne Show


We just finished spending a week with Stanley Eisenberg and Wayne Bleier.  We thought that we would share and encourage others to visit.  Stanley used to run a large milk company in New York and a real estate business in Brooklyn. He is now a world traveling philanthropist.  Wayne has spent the last 20 years going to conflict hot spots to develop programs for and counsel kids caught in the crossfire or recruited by armies. He has the largest beard registered in Kitale in ages!  The two are separated by 30+ years as well.  A likely pairing of travel partners, right?  It is enlightening to get feedback and viewpoints from those that are a bit outside of our world here in Kitale.

We discussed the buying mind of our customers, the world of microfinance, our distribution plans, and transporting people out of poverty.  We even spent hours just discussing happiness.  Like I said, enlightening.  We take away a stronger understanding of what we are doing, what we can do, and why we are doing it.  Thanks guys!