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Made it to Kitale!

After nearly four days of travel we finally made it to Kitale. The trip took a little longer than planned due to a 2.5 hour lightening/hail delay leaving Chicago. We then missed our connecting flight in Brussels and we were rebooked for the following day leaving time to explore the sights and smells of the city. There was plenty of rain to be had in Nairobi the evening we arrived. Streets were flooded and there was a steady rain all night long. Today consisted of an 8 hour bus ride through more rain to Kitale. This evening, we met with Eliakim Maleche, a board member of Baisikeli Ugunduzi, and arranged meetings with the Kitale sacco for tomorrow. We are eager to meet with the sacco as well as the District Coordinator and we look forward to beginning the final product testing this week.